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Information Technology and Telecommunication Association

The Association’s Profile ICT UNIE (ICTU)

ICT UNIE is a professional association of companies active in the field of information technology and electronic communication, as well as other areas such as business and education.

Its goal is to increase the awareness of the importance of adopting and making use of modern information technology in our society. This includes creating an optimal setting for the development of public electronic communication networks in the Czech Republic, as the networks' development is a necessary step towards establishing an information society. The association defines, represents, supports and asserts the common and rightful interests of its members. Its goal is to create a suitable business environment that will, through respecting ethical principles of business, lead to the information society's long-term development.

The specific aim of ICT Unie is the support and protection of the fair and open market of information technology and electronic communication in the Czech Republic. ICT Unie undertakes an array of specialized projects and organizes various social conventions, symposiums and workshops. It also prepares and releases strategic documents, as well as standpoints and commentary on the drafts of legislative norms. GOALS AND PRIORITIES ICTU's objective is to significantly contribute to the development of the Czech Republic's economy so that it can gain a competitive edge by building an innovative knowledge society. As a professional association of companies active in the field of information and communication technology, ICTU represents the Czech Republic's ICT industry. ICTU asserts the effective use of ICT in all areas of life in the Czech Republic because it sees it as a necessary step towards building an innovative knowledge society. ICTU is a co-creator of drafts of fundamental reforms and legislative and key decisions regarding the development of ICT in the Czech Republic. ICTU is a partner of the state regulatory agencies.

ICTU is a pragmatic and effective association. It presents objective and practical concepts beneficial to not only the ICT industry. ICTU by no means lobbies for its members' individual interests or influences public tenders.


Offers partnership and cooperation to all state, self-governing and legal entities; participates in the activities carried out by the advisory bodies established by the state and local government (self-government).

Supports activities leading to both the general public's and the expert community's awareness of information technology and knowledge society.

Defends its members' common interests during discussions with political parties and movements, unions, interest groups, state and local government (self-government), national and international institutions.

Supports and, if authorized, protects its members' interests in matters concerning the development and operation of public electronic communication networks in the Czech Republic.

Supports its members' activities using a broad portfolio of services in the field of information, analysis, technical organization and consultancy. It coordinates with third-party legal and physical entities and organizes the exchange of knowledge and information amongst its members.

Provides surveys and analyses of matters regarding business in the field of public electronic communication networks in a competitive environment, regulatory policies of public electronic communication networks and the relevant legislation in the Czech Republic, the member states of the European Union and other countries.

Coordinates its members' approach to solving issues and creating common opinions and standpoints.

Organizes expert committees and work groups that detect and solve issues throughout all areas of the association's activities, including cooperation with research and scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Prepares initiative concepts and standpoints aimed at dealing with matters relating to all areas of the association's activities serving state government bodies. Those can be matters of legislation and regulation, as well as conceptual work during the creation of national policies in the fields of information society and electronic communication, as well as during the preparation of technical standards.

Creates a positive public image by providing information about the association's activities as an institution that represents, asserts and formulates its members' interests on both a national and international level.

Cooperates with employer, business and professional associations and unions active in the Czech Republic.